2024 Mailbox Pricing

Upkeep of the mailbox post is the responsibility of the homeowner. Please keep your mailbox post painted and in good repair.  

Replacement mailboxes and mailbox posts are the responsibility of the homeowners. Replacement mailboxes (and lettering) and mailbox posts must exactly match the color, size and design established by the HOA board.

Below is the currently known pricelist for replacement mailboxes, posts and services from our approved vendor Mailbox Pro.  Please contact them for further information and updated pricing.

* Large Crimson Mailbox / Chancery Lettering-Beige:  $99.95
* 4×6 Golfside Style Cedar Post / Painted:  $299.00
* 6” 12oz Copper Post Protector:  $30.00
* Above item subject to 7% Sales Tax
* Pull Old Post-Disposal / Deliver-Install Post:  $110.00
* Deliver and Install Mailbox and or Copper:  $30.00
* Post Caulk-Paint Refresh:  $45.00
* Reset-Level Post:  $35.00

* Turnaround time within two weeks.
* No up-front cost.
* Project will be invoiced after completion and payment by cash or check.

Tim Loftus – Mailbox Pro

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